Thursday, December 23, 2010

*Wishing You All The Christmas You Wish For*


I don't know your face,know heard your voice.But I feel a bond to all of you who have a great love for words.And though I still have lots to learn ,I hope my words have touched you in some way.

On this festive season,I wish you all a Christmas you heart truly long for.Thank you all for the gift of friendship you bestowed upon me.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bringing Thoughts To Life!!!(Jingle Poetry Potluck)

They are my fears,
my greatest pains.
They are my joys,
my treasured dreams.

With these bare hands they come to life.
With utmost courage I dare to type.
With doubts in heart,I chose to rise.
With my own style,I make them rhyme.

My thoughts in words,I share to you.
My heart and soul,I bare to you.

Stay Gold!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Scarred soul I dwell amongst the hopefuls..
Their paths lighted,mine's in darkness.
Whose world is true?Theirs or mine?

Pained heart I dwell amongst the joyfuls.
Their eyes filled with smiles,mine with sadness.
Whose world survives?Theirs or mine?

If this is my fate,I defy it.
With my own hands I will draw it.
If this is my destiny,I deny it!
With my own hands I will mould it.

For it is not for men to deem that I be worthless.
When I can shine like gold and be priceless.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sweet Child's Dream!!!(Edited)(One Shot Wednesday)

Childhood Dreams.
Where gentle fairies roam and magic dwells.
Where the world is filled with amazing fairy tales.

Childhood Wishes.
Of chocolate covered houses and cotton candies.
Of pretty dolls and cute and cuddly teddy bears.

Childhood Memories.
Of silly games and fight for toys.
Of birthday parties and christmas joys.

They dwell like myths in the depths of our being.
Hear their voices when there's no room for believing.
Let them show you the road that will lead to forgiving.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Living Dreams In Reality!(Jingle Poetry Potluck)

Ballet shoes
and mystic moves.
Pretty sights
that bring out sighs.

My dream,in unconcious longing I create!

Dirt filled snickers
walk its way under lights that flickers.
Busy faces
that have lost their life's aces.

My reality,in concious longing I debate.

But I fight to dream ,to dance my way.
In the dancefloor of life I dare to sway.
Ballet shoes in rough roads I can't wear.
But my dirt filled snickers will take me there.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Miracle Of Life!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Fear not the depths of the ocean.
The waves will guide you.
Fear not the vastness of the sky.
The clouds will guide you.

As you stand at the edge of yourself,find your choices.
As you stand at the edge of your fears,find your strength.

For beyond the fear of aloneness is the gift of friendship.
And beyond the fear of loneliness is the promise of happiness.

Rejoice in the joys of life.
Savour the moment in its splendour.
Rejoice in the miracle of life.
Savour the promise of forever more.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pure Majesty!!!(Jingle Poetry Potluck)

Gracefully she moves,
She awes,she delights!

She roams the sea with elegance.
A queen that leaves you in trance.
She reigns the sea with her beauty.
A sorceress that makes you see eternity.

Behold her sight,for she's divine.
Behold her existence for she's a rarity!

Friday, November 26, 2010

True Colors!

Black rage,Red fury.
Like demons' cries they drive me crazy.
White love,Blue hope.
Like angels' smiles they give me serenity.

I can be sweet as Pink,
as girls in love are pictured to be.
I can be soulful as Purple,
as girls in grieve will tend to be.

I dream of a world of blissful forest Green.
Where birds and butterflies make me grin.
A contrast to this sad world of cloudy Gray.
Where storms and thunders can ruin your day!

Look at me with your painter eyes.
See the turmoils that fills my sighs.
Look at me with your painter eyes.
See my true colors that will erase all lies.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Canvas Love Affair!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Her face was sketched in perfect beauty!
With eyes so deep it may have been eternity!
She catches your soul with her serenity!
And make you forget your own identity!

She was the one who made you laugh!
She was the one who made you cry!
She was the one who made you sigh!
She was the one who made you smile!

And now at nights when stars are bright,
you gaze upon the sky and search for her light.
Looking for the brightest one in your sight.
Hoping it wouldn't disappear through the night.

And in the misty winter morning,
you lay in bed alone and shivering.
Your eyes met hers and felt a warmth so comforting.
As the girl in the canvas gave you a smile so enchanting.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Magical World!!!(Jingle Poetry Potluck)

Sweet fairyland as white as snow!
You come to me with dreams to show!
Silvery twilights in your majesty glow!
Beautiful melodies in your depths flow!

A world where magic spells come true!
Where wizards and fairies share a laugh or two!
A world where wishes do come true!
Where dazzling falling stars grant a wish or two!

Here I can be Tinkerbell .
Or sweet loving Ariel!
Here I can be Wendy.
Or sweet little orphan Cindy!

It is a world where I am free.
To dream,to wish and make life bliss!
It is a world where I am free.
To wait for my prince's adoring kiss!

(Linked to Jingle Poetry Potluck)

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Legacy!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

In this world of lies you gave me truths!
In this world of emptiness you gave me purpose!
In this world of sadness you gave me joys!

You are the gift that life has bestowed upon me!
You are the treasure that fate has given to me!
You are the story that love has written for me!

When I return to dust as man his fate to be.
My legacy remains,with you it will forever be.
For we are one in blood .As it was meant to be!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DAY and NIGHT!!!(Edited)

Like sweet shadows of dreams,night appears.
Reminders of ends and life's quiet fears.
Yet in dawn's sweet embrace,daylight will show its face!

In my darkest hours when nothing seems to glow.
Joys of long ago came rushing.Their faces to show.
A light within my darkness!Treasured memories flow.

I have lost sight of myself.Too many walks in the dark.
Yet in the end of each path a new knowledge spark.
A lesson painfully learned!Getting me back on track!

As there will be meetings,there will be partings!
As there will be loss,there will be things to gain!
As there will be Night,there will be a brand new Day!

(An old post I decided to edit.Hope you guys like it)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Broken Wings!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Beyond the pain...her will to live.
Beyond the agony...her will to fly.

Amongst the sound of nature her weakened cry.
Amongst the beauty of nature her fight for life.

You who have shown no mercy will see her shine.
You who have broken her down will see her rise.

A broken wing...a broken spirit.
In time will heal and no wrath of men can rise above it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Withered Hands!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Withered and Rough!
What was once soft and young!
A legacy of her life's triumps and sighs!

Each line a memory of her journeys!
Each scar a proof of her strength!
A masterpiece of her life's joys and pains!

No painted nails and diamond rings to decorate!
Just sun burned skin and broken nails with no paint!
Yet no glittering stone could ever compare!
To the beauty that life has bestowed on it!

Her beautiful hands are now crossed to rest!
And I held on ever strongly so I can feel.
The warmth,the strength that guided me so.
Just one last time before I let her go!

Friday, October 29, 2010

In the eyes of a child!!!

Why are they scarred,when they should have been hugged?
Why steal their dreams and turn each day into a nightmare?
Why ruin their tomorrows and tie them down in their past?

Those eyes that should reflect joy,now only know pain.
Those eyes that should reflect trust,now only know fear.
Those eyes that should reflect love,now only know shame.

If I was there,would I have known her pleas?
If I had listened,would I have heard her screams?
If I had looked would I have seen her scars?

I would like to believe I could try!
To know ,to hear ,to see!
So I could help put back love in the eyes of this child!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Will Be Here (One Shot Wednesday)

In the silence of the night I'm here to listen.
In the absence of light I'm here to lead your way.
In the presence of pain I'm here to be your shield.
I Will Be Here!!!

When you wake up with nothing,I will be your everything.
When you ran out of hope,I will grant your deepest wishes.
When you get tired of tomorrows,I will give you a lifetime.
I Will Be Here!!!

The world may grow cold,draw comfort in my warmth.
The tears may seem endless,draw comfort in my laughters.
The trials may be hard,draw comfort in my strength.
I Will Be Here!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ride The Winds!!!

Ride the winds.Don't look back!
Let the past give you a great tomorrow.
Let the tears give you more laughters.
Let the pains give you never ending joy!

Ride the winds.Don't give up!
Let the sorrows give you happiness.
Let the anger give you wonderful peace.
Let the hate give you never-ending love!

Ride the winds.Don't ever hesitate!
Let the lies give you truths.
Let the emptiness give you fulfillment.
Let the end give you a new beginning.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Melody Within!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

There is a melody within my being.
Made of notes and keys of who I am.
A sonata of my life's joys and pains.
Growing melodious as I go on my journey!

There is a song within my soul.
Made of lyrics of the person that I am.
A beautiful ballad of my smiles and tears.
Growing soulful as I face my destiny!

There is a symphony within my heart.
Made of sounds of instruments of what I am.
A concerto of my weaknesses and strengths.
Growing harmonious as I prepare for eternity!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I AM!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Am I greedy...because I want?
Am I naive ...because I believe?
Am I stupid...because I trust?

Am I a fool...because I love?
Am I a dreamer...because I hope?
Am I a romantic...because I desire?

I cry when I hear a sad song.
I scream when rage engulfs me.
I laugh when a joke is told.
I smile when i feel happy.

I guess I am but a woman.
I guess I am but a girl.
I guess I am but a child.
I guess I am but a human!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Chapters of our lives rolling down memory lane.

Dreams sometimes fade away to be forgottten.

But there are images in our hearts that stays.

Smiles and faces of people where it lays.

Passage of time won't erase all the laughters shared.

Seasons changing won't take away all the memories made.

A walk in an endless path may make us feel alone.

Reach out and find the light before it's finally gone.

We color our lives with the shade we believe define us.

Its shape moulded by every life's ups and downs.

Spiced by every single tear and smile we dare to share.

And created with the courage we have to love and care.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonders Of Life!!!

Blissful moments quietly pass by.

Comforting warmth embraces my heart.

And as the glow of day turn into night.

My soul rejoice with a peaceful sigh!

Though uncertainties engulfs my everyday.

Weakening my will to hope and dream.

I look around and search for small wonders.

Anticipating what fate has prepared for me.

And as I need,I know I also will be needed.

Thru my weaknesses,I will have my strengths.

For there will always be surprises to amaze me.

And unselfish love for me to share and give!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lost Souls!!

Quiet walks on this mystic night.

Brings comfort in its magical sight.

It dares the heart to find its light.

Though the glow is still out of sight.

Emptiness engulfs wandering lost souls.

A never ending journey to find its joys..

Moving forward amongst the shadows.

As the stars in its magnificence glows.

Destinies awaits and fate is always there.

Wishes are granted,if you are a believer.

We cherish memories as we look farther.

Giving us strength not to forget,but to remember.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Enchanted tales and magic spells.

More beauty lies where eyes can't see.

A mystic world of lovely songs.

With voices filled with love and joy!

I gaze upon where the moon meets the stars.

Silky water soothing in its melodious sound.

Whispering words the world have long forgotten.

Bringing hope to those whose hearts have been broken.

There is a world where only dreamers see.

Where fairies dwell and fantasies flows free.

A haven for souls who chose to truly believe.

A magical kingdom where enchantment never cease.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Journey!!!

Rocky roads!Blissful mountains!

The journey is never ending!

Every battle fought,every struggle won.

They are what make the path worth taking.

There will always be mountains to climb.

There will always be new roads to walk.

There will always be challenges to face.

And there will always be love to give.

It is not what awaits the journey that matters.

It is not how much to be gained at the end of the day.

It is how much you fought to get there.

It is how much chances you've faced and taken.

One more dream to dream.

One more tear to shed.

One more step to take.

One more day to face ....and the journey of life goes on!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Unbelievable is its strength.It can stab one's heart like a spear.

Its gentleness can heal!Bringing wonders that make life so dear.

Its harness can kill!Bringing sorrows beyond anyone can bear.

Soft breeze of air passes me by.Reminding me of sweet words spoken by.

Taking me to a past that once was filled with words I never thought was a lie.

Moments that we thought would always make beautiful angels want to fly.

Unspoken words that would have made us heal are now just memories.

And all we have is this faith for new words to come and make our destinies.

Making spoken words just mere shadow of future words that will fill our dreams.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DAY and NIGHT!!!

Like sweet shadows of dreams,night appears.
Reminders of ends and life's quiet fears.
Yet in its soft embrace,daylight will show its face!

In my darkest hours,when nothing seems to glow.
A tinge of warm light within my heart silently show.
A Day within my Night!Treasured memories flow.

I have lost sight of myself ,too many walks in the dark.
Yet in the end of each path a new knowledge spark.
A lesson painfully learned!Getting me back on track!

As there will be meetings,there will be partings!
As there will be loss,there will be things to gain!
As there will be Night,there will be a brand new Day!

(An old post I edited.Hope you guys like it.)

Friday, March 12, 2010


(A Collaboration Poem,By Shanty and June)

Like sweet breaths,they invade your soul.
In your quiet slumber they give you hope!
They are your longings,your deepest passions.
Reflections of your pains,melodies of your joys.

Some you remember,some you rather forget.
Some bring tears,some bring smiles that engulfs.
Some are like shooting stars,blinding in its beauty.
Some are like thorns,stinging in its viciousness.

Fear not their strength of conviction.
They are yours to mould and make come true.
Fear not the promises that they make you long.
They are your Dreams. They are worth fighting for.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


No words to say,my heart felt cold.
I waited for tears,but nothing flowed.
No feelings to share,no anger to unfold.
I listened as her life story was quietly told.

So young,so sweet,and now she's gone.
What amazing stories she can make is now untold.
So fast to end the life she has known.
And all that was left are her memories for our hearts to hold.

And through the emptiness that fills my soul,
I remember this word that brings so much joy.
And though I know I've used it to make life full,
I wonder now what FOREVER is for.

(In memory of a truly loving person.Beautiful inside and out.Maya...gonna miss you ,cousin.)

(P.S.Posting this again for Gooseberry Garden's Poetry Picnic .It's been a year but I can still sometime feel her presence.)