Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thief Of Life!TSUNAMI!!!

It came in silence this thief of life.

Feeding on its prey with pure delight.

No shouts or screams were able to rise.

As the waves swallow the will to fight.

Dreams taken before one's eyes.

In a flash a lifetime was turned to dust.

Tears fell as one watch hope dies.

In the rage of the predator’s lust.

Let your strength in this darkness rise.

Like the sun in every tomorrow you will rise.

And dreams will be rebuilt and hope will rise.

In this beautiful Land Of The Rising Sun!

(Tears still fill our eyes everyday.And the will to hope is hard to find.But in time JAPAN will rise. And dreams will again in our hearts reside.Deepest gratitude for all the prayers.I know everyone here in Japan is deeply touched by all the concern the people of the world is extending to us. )

(My deepest apology for my absence.)