Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Turtle Saviour!!!

Amazing little green thing you are.

You beat any painkillers by far.

Those soulful eyes took away my scar.

Gave me the courage to wish upon a star.

Rushing around in my rollercoaster ride.

I forgot to stay put and view my life.

Overlooking the things by my side.

Thinking my life doesn't have any spice.

I guess it won't be bad to slow down.

Might take away a tear or a frown.

Who knows I might just win a crown.

Or end up married to a handsome clown.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Black and White!!!

Though life is full of colored shades.
Sparkling glitters that blinds.
The basic tone that truly shines,
Soulful honest shade of Black and White!

I am not blind of life's amazing sparks.
Rainbow colored hopes that inspire.
I am not immune to life's sweet promises.
Sugar coated words that excite.

But in the end I choose the simplest path.
Simplest words that hits the heart.
Simplest promises that warms the soul.
Simplest world of Black and White!!!