Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lost Souls!!

Quiet walks on this mystic night.

Brings comfort in its magical sight.

It dares the heart to find its light.

Though the glow is still out of sight.

Emptiness engulfs wandering lost souls.

A never ending journey to find its joys..

Moving forward amongst the shadows.

As the stars in its magnificence glows.

Destinies awaits and fate is always there.

Wishes are granted,if you are a believer.

We cherish memories as we look farther.

Giving us strength not to forget,but to remember.


Maria said...

Wonderful poem ~ love the artwork as well ~
The nights with a sliver moon are really special ~ the stars are so much more apparent. I'm looking forward to seeing Orion and his magnificent belt again now that autumn is near!

As you write, wishes are granted to those who believe! Love this line ~
Ask and ye shall receive ♥
blessings always ~ Maria

Brian Miller said...

to remember not to that line becuase it is the remembering that will save us...good to see you...

June_Butterfly said...


Thank you so much for dropping by.Been awhile since I wrote something.I'm rusted,haha.But glad you liked my work.

I love the night!Brings me closer to myself.

Yeah,I believe that as long s you believe wishes are indeed granted.

Do drop by again,soon.

June_Butterfly said...

Always a pleasure to see you here too,Brian!

Thanks for always taking time out to read my works.

Do visit again,soon.Will try to write more often.Good day!

Shanty said...

Beautiful poem June!I agree wth the line about remembering! It always good to remember and never ever forget. Keep writing like this June! ^-^

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Shan!I'm glad you liked it.I know.Finally i have the strength to look back and remember.Do come and visit,again.

Anonymous said...

june! u r amazing once again~!

I can imagine myself being in your poem! im still in the middle of my "journey" waiting to find my light!

but i agree with the memory part! always remember and won't forget! just like how we all remember the fun and enjoyable moments in our lives and think back to it from time to time! =D

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks for dropping by,sharon.Always a joy to see you here.

Yeah,i guess no matter how painful the memory is,we should always be thanksful for moments shared.

Rinka said...

whenevr I visit ur site, I alwys carry a feeling, that I am in wonderland! You can express the regular feeling in flairy tone!!!! keep doing....

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Rinka!Always a joy to receive compliments from passionate people like you!

Will try and hope I be better.

yun yi said...

i see so much hope and light in between the lines. wonderful rhyme!

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Yunyi!Sometimes it's so hard to put all the rhymes together.But it's always an achievement when I see the words get together.

Miyavi Matanen said...

Nice poem!

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Miyavi!Real nice to see you here.Hope you're doing good.