Saturday, April 10, 2010


Unbelievable is its strength.It can stab one's heart like a spear.

Its gentleness can heal!Bringing wonders that make life so dear.

Its harness can kill!Bringing sorrows beyond anyone can bear.

Soft breeze of air passes me by.Reminding me of sweet words spoken by.

Taking me to a past that once was filled with words I never thought was a lie.

Moments that we thought would always make beautiful angels want to fly.

Unspoken words that would have made us heal are now just memories.

And all we have is this faith for new words to come and make our destinies.

Making spoken words just mere shadow of future words that will fill our dreams.


Shanty_bb said...

nice one June!real good!and with so much feeling!^-^

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks.i'm glad you liked it.Kinda written fast so was in doubt.haha!!

Brian Miller said...

beautifully done...moments like these...great line...i agree, i get lots of feeling from this one...

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Brian.I'm really thanksful for people like you who take time to read my works.My utmost gratitude.

Dolph, the author said...

june, another awesome poem. i like it because of the sincerity writing from your heart :) keep writing june, to inspire more ppl! :)


June_Butterfly said...

Hi,Wendy.Thanks for always supporting my works.

Goodluck in your mountain climbing.Take Care!!

Rinka said...


June_Butterfly said...

Rinka dear,thanks for dropping by!

Always a pleasure to see you!