Monday, April 26, 2010

The Journey!!!

Rocky roads!Blissful mountains!

The journey is never ending!

Every battle fought,every struggle won.

They are what make the path worth taking.

There will always be mountains to climb.

There will always be new roads to walk.

There will always be challenges to face.

And there will always be love to give.

It is not what awaits the journey that matters.

It is not how much to be gained at the end of the day.

It is how much you fought to get there.

It is how much chances you've faced and taken.

One more dream to dream.

One more tear to shed.

One more step to take.

One more day to face ....and the journey of life goes on!


Brian Miller said...

yes it does...and each mountain peek allows you to see the next valley you must walk to .... to get to the next peek...

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks for droppingf by,Brian.

You are right,and each new path taken takes us to new wonders that will make us wiser.

Rinka said...

so true.....beautifully composed :)

Dolph, the author said...

wow, your every new piece makes me impress! :) keep going! you rock!

cheers, wendy here again he he

nothingprofound said...

What more is there to say! You said it all right here.

June_Butterfly said...


Thank you so much for always dropping by.Inspires me to do better everytime.Take care!

June_Butterfly said...


Seems you had a great time mountain climbing.

Thanks for the compliment.I hope i can continue to impress you.^-^

June_Butterfly said...

Hi,Marty(Nothing Profound)

Thak you so much for taking time to read my work.I love your aphorism.Makes me rethink about my life so much.Thanks for sharing.

Dolph, the author said...

:) i wonder are you staying around here in KL ? :P

King of New York Hacks said...

One day more.
Another day, another destiny.
Just like Les Miserable, the Journey is what we shall reflect upon .

June_Butterfly said...

Nope Wendy!I'm staying in Japan!I hope you're well.

June_Butterfly said...

Hi,King of New York!!

Thanks so much for dropping by!!Hope you can visit soon,again.

Anonymous said...

yes dear~! life is just like a journey! never know what will happen the next day! its like a never ending journey!

some how i thought of KAT-TUN haha
sighh how all the problems they encounter and how they r over coming them one by one. Also how they will look forward to each day and try to defeat all the problems~ they r so brave!

June_Butterfly said...

HAHA!!Sharon,you are indeed a dear,sweetie.Only you can think of KAT-TUN while reading my poem.

I guess you're right.But each challenges becomes strengths.And every disappointment,a victory.

Rinka said...

verge of optimism.....another feeling by reading it for second time

June_Butterfly said...

HI!!!So good to see you,Rinka!

Thanks for always dropping by!Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!