Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DAY and NIGHT!!!

Like sweet shadows of dreams,night appears.
Reminders of ends and life's quiet fears.
Yet in its soft embrace,daylight will show its face!

In my darkest hours,when nothing seems to glow.
A tinge of warm light within my heart silently show.
A Day within my Night!Treasured memories flow.

I have lost sight of myself ,too many walks in the dark.
Yet in the end of each path a new knowledge spark.
A lesson painfully learned!Getting me back on track!

As there will be meetings,there will be partings!
As there will be loss,there will be things to gain!
As there will be Night,there will be a brand new Day!

(An old post I edited.Hope you guys like it.)

Friday, March 12, 2010


(A Collaboration Poem,By Shanty and June)

Like sweet breaths,they invade your soul.
In your quiet slumber they give you hope!
They are your longings,your deepest passions.
Reflections of your pains,melodies of your joys.

Some you remember,some you rather forget.
Some bring tears,some bring smiles that engulfs.
Some are like shooting stars,blinding in its beauty.
Some are like thorns,stinging in its viciousness.

Fear not their strength of conviction.
They are yours to mould and make come true.
Fear not the promises that they make you long.
They are your Dreams. They are worth fighting for.