Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DAY and NIGHT!!!

Like sweet shadows of dreams,night appears.
Reminders of ends and life's quiet fears.
Yet in its soft embrace,daylight will show its face!

In my darkest hours,when nothing seems to glow.
A tinge of warm light within my heart silently show.
A Day within my Night!Treasured memories flow.

I have lost sight of myself ,too many walks in the dark.
Yet in the end of each path a new knowledge spark.
A lesson painfully learned!Getting me back on track!

As there will be meetings,there will be partings!
As there will be loss,there will be things to gain!
As there will be Night,there will be a brand new Day!

(An old post I edited.Hope you guys like it.)


Anonymous said...

Oh juneee! i love your poem here!
i can just feel it! i can so understand it! i agree with u here!
especially the last stanza!

there will be lost but for sure there will be gain again! and also the bright new day waiting for us!

keep it going dear! =) doing great!

June_Butterfly said...


Your encouraging words always make me feel good!I'm glad you liked it.And thanks for always checking on my blog.You're a treasure!

Take care,ok!Hope you can drop by ,again!

Dolph, the author said...

heya June,

I love this poem! :) It was sincere and honest, right from your heart. Good one! :)


The Lady Poet A.K.A. Ladeana said...

Ah, June I love this poem. It's beautiful.

Rinka said...

mind blowing..!!!!
I truly believe.....the last stanza!!!!
let's c wat'z my own lyf s showing.
Thanks for such optimistic verse

June_Butterfly said...


So nice to see you ,again!I'm glad you liked it.

Take care!!

June_Butterfly said...


It's been awhile since I saw you here.So glad you liked my poem.

Hope you have a great day.

June_Butterfly said...

The pleasure is mine,Rinka!

So glad you can come and read my poem.

Hope great things come to you!

Sibel said...

I am living your words and life lived will have it ups and downs, lesson will be hopefully be learned but like you so well said.
" Every night have its day"
Thank you

June_Butterfly said...

The pleasure is mine.I'm so grateful to people like you who take time to read my works.I hope you can drop by,again.

I guess I love night so much because I know when it's over another day will come.

d.graphic.rookie said...

Very Wonderful Poem! Two Thumbs up! :)

June_Butterfly said...

HI,real sorry for not acknowledging your comment earlier.saw your blog ,real great.thanks for dropping by to mine.