Monday, November 29, 2010

Miracle Of Life!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Fear not the depths of the ocean.
The waves will guide you.
Fear not the vastness of the sky.
The clouds will guide you.

As you stand at the edge of yourself,find your choices.
As you stand at the edge of your fears,find your strength.

For beyond the fear of aloneness is the gift of friendship.
And beyond the fear of loneliness is the promise of happiness.

Rejoice in the joys of life.
Savour the moment in its splendour.
Rejoice in the miracle of life.
Savour the promise of forever more.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pure Majesty!!!(Jingle Poetry Potluck)

Gracefully she moves,
She awes,she delights!

She roams the sea with elegance.
A queen that leaves you in trance.
She reigns the sea with her beauty.
A sorceress that makes you see eternity.

Behold her sight,for she's divine.
Behold her existence for she's a rarity!

Friday, November 26, 2010

True Colors!

Black rage,Red fury.
Like demons' cries they drive me crazy.
White love,Blue hope.
Like angels' smiles they give me serenity.

I can be sweet as Pink,
as girls in love are pictured to be.
I can be soulful as Purple,
as girls in grieve will tend to be.

I dream of a world of blissful forest Green.
Where birds and butterflies make me grin.
A contrast to this sad world of cloudy Gray.
Where storms and thunders can ruin your day!

Look at me with your painter eyes.
See the turmoils that fills my sighs.
Look at me with your painter eyes.
See my true colors that will erase all lies.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Canvas Love Affair!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Her face was sketched in perfect beauty!
With eyes so deep it may have been eternity!
She catches your soul with her serenity!
And make you forget your own identity!

She was the one who made you laugh!
She was the one who made you cry!
She was the one who made you sigh!
She was the one who made you smile!

And now at nights when stars are bright,
you gaze upon the sky and search for her light.
Looking for the brightest one in your sight.
Hoping it wouldn't disappear through the night.

And in the misty winter morning,
you lay in bed alone and shivering.
Your eyes met hers and felt a warmth so comforting.
As the girl in the canvas gave you a smile so enchanting.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Magical World!!!(Jingle Poetry Potluck)

Sweet fairyland as white as snow!
You come to me with dreams to show!
Silvery twilights in your majesty glow!
Beautiful melodies in your depths flow!

A world where magic spells come true!
Where wizards and fairies share a laugh or two!
A world where wishes do come true!
Where dazzling falling stars grant a wish or two!

Here I can be Tinkerbell .
Or sweet loving Ariel!
Here I can be Wendy.
Or sweet little orphan Cindy!

It is a world where I am free.
To dream,to wish and make life bliss!
It is a world where I am free.
To wait for my prince's adoring kiss!

(Linked to Jingle Poetry Potluck)

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Legacy!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

In this world of lies you gave me truths!
In this world of emptiness you gave me purpose!
In this world of sadness you gave me joys!

You are the gift that life has bestowed upon me!
You are the treasure that fate has given to me!
You are the story that love has written for me!

When I return to dust as man his fate to be.
My legacy remains,with you it will forever be.
For we are one in blood .As it was meant to be!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DAY and NIGHT!!!(Edited)

Like sweet shadows of dreams,night appears.
Reminders of ends and life's quiet fears.
Yet in dawn's sweet embrace,daylight will show its face!

In my darkest hours when nothing seems to glow.
Joys of long ago came rushing.Their faces to show.
A light within my darkness!Treasured memories flow.

I have lost sight of myself.Too many walks in the dark.
Yet in the end of each path a new knowledge spark.
A lesson painfully learned!Getting me back on track!

As there will be meetings,there will be partings!
As there will be loss,there will be things to gain!
As there will be Night,there will be a brand new Day!

(An old post I decided to edit.Hope you guys like it)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Broken Wings!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Beyond the pain...her will to live.
Beyond the agony...her will to fly.

Amongst the sound of nature her weakened cry.
Amongst the beauty of nature her fight for life.

You who have shown no mercy will see her shine.
You who have broken her down will see her rise.

A broken wing...a broken spirit.
In time will heal and no wrath of men can rise above it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Withered Hands!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Withered and Rough!
What was once soft and young!
A legacy of her life's triumps and sighs!

Each line a memory of her journeys!
Each scar a proof of her strength!
A masterpiece of her life's joys and pains!

No painted nails and diamond rings to decorate!
Just sun burned skin and broken nails with no paint!
Yet no glittering stone could ever compare!
To the beauty that life has bestowed on it!

Her beautiful hands are now crossed to rest!
And I held on ever strongly so I can feel.
The warmth,the strength that guided me so.
Just one last time before I let her go!