Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonders Of Life!!!

Blissful moments quietly pass by.

Comforting warmth embraces my heart.

And as the glow of day turn into night.

My soul rejoice with a peaceful sigh!

Though uncertainties engulfs my everyday.

Weakening my will to hope and dream.

I look around and search for small wonders.

Anticipating what fate has prepared for me.

And as I need,I know I also will be needed.

Thru my weaknesses,I will have my strengths.

For there will always be surprises to amaze me.

And unselfish love for me to share and give!


Brian Miller said...

nice. first i can hardly see the words...and i would hate for someone to skip this one...there are surpises that keep life interesting and inspiriing and unselfish love...the only way to go...

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Brian.Am thinking the same way,haha.Guess will just change my template.and soon!^-^

Thanks for always dropping by.What would life be without surprises!!

Rinka said...

Wonderful feeling that runs in woman's while she is expecting......and can be felt, but difficult to expressed. Your poem describes the unselfish love such a wonderful way.....

June_Butterfly said...

Rinka!!thanks for dropping by.I know.Sometimes we feel too much about things that we find it hard to express it.

Yeah,I guess the world needs lots of unselfish love for it to be a better place.

H. Nizam said...

Wonderful words and picture. WOW!
I always enjoy visiting your blog.
Let's keep in touch.

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks!I'm real glad you liked it.

Yeah,will try to drop by at your blog more often.Thanks for coming.

yun yi said...

"For there will always be surprises to amaze me. And unselfish love for me to share and give!"
lovely! I like the end the best!

June_Butterfly said...

Yunyi,thanks so much for dropping by.A total joy to see you here.

I'm glad you liked my work.Good day,always.