Sunday, September 26, 2010


Chapters of our lives rolling down memory lane.

Dreams sometimes fade away to be forgottten.

But there are images in our hearts that stays.

Smiles and faces of people where it lays.

Passage of time won't erase all the laughters shared.

Seasons changing won't take away all the memories made.

A walk in an endless path may make us feel alone.

Reach out and find the light before it's finally gone.

We color our lives with the shade we believe define us.

Its shape moulded by every life's ups and downs.

Spiced by every single tear and smile we dare to share.

And created with the courage we have to love and care.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonders Of Life!!!

Blissful moments quietly pass by.

Comforting warmth embraces my heart.

And as the glow of day turn into night.

My soul rejoice with a peaceful sigh!

Though uncertainties engulfs my everyday.

Weakening my will to hope and dream.

I look around and search for small wonders.

Anticipating what fate has prepared for me.

And as I need,I know I also will be needed.

Thru my weaknesses,I will have my strengths.

For there will always be surprises to amaze me.

And unselfish love for me to share and give!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lost Souls!!

Quiet walks on this mystic night.

Brings comfort in its magical sight.

It dares the heart to find its light.

Though the glow is still out of sight.

Emptiness engulfs wandering lost souls.

A never ending journey to find its joys..

Moving forward amongst the shadows.

As the stars in its magnificence glows.

Destinies awaits and fate is always there.

Wishes are granted,if you are a believer.

We cherish memories as we look farther.

Giving us strength not to forget,but to remember.