Tuesday, November 24, 2009


city lights,busy streets,

dazzling illuminations fascinates.

a beautiful sight before me

blinding in its magnificence.

yet i feel an emptiness within

a longing for something unseen.

i close my eyes for a moment

reflecting my life to the fullest.

the battles i've won,

and the ones i lost...

the choices i made,

and the paths i've walked..

sometimes i long for these moments

when i can see myself and dig my thoughts.

A time for reflection,for love and life.

for questions and answers,for past and future.

for realizing what i've become,and what i have to be.

and for believing there's still happiness within reach.


SK said...

A time for reflection, a time for yourself :) I like yours !

June_Butterfly said...

Hi,Sinh Khoung!(hope i got your name,right)

Thanks for dropping by on my Blog ,too!^-^hope you are having a great day!^-^

SK said...

:D It's Sinh Khuong, not Khoung :P
お 名前 は?

June_Butterfly said...

Sorry!!real sorry!!my mind knows it's khuong,but i always make mistakes when i type.pls forgive me.


SK said...

いいえ Don't worry about that :) Sinh Khuong means Sho Kyo (生薑) in Japanese Kanji. A strange name, actually it's related with Oriental medicine :D

やまがたじゅん さん, よろしくおねがいします。;)

Anonymous said...

reading your poems once again! nicely done! =D really you have to teach me how to write poems dear!!

あ! あの夜景はホンコンの夜景みたいですね~~~! =]

hope you're having a great day again!!


June_Butterfly said...

Sharon!thanks for dropping by.and real sorry that your first comment was deleted.

See i am making a cooking blog(not done yet,though.)and i was transferring it,but the post i made was deleted.will send you the link once it's done,ok.^-^

I guess you miss Hongkong.hope you can go back,soon.^-^Take care,ok!

kaze said...

^_^ really like words and poetry ne
ooh, the HK pic is nice :D

godamongus said...

God bless you! Indeed, it is a time for reflection for all of humanity. Keep up the great, thoughtful poetry. And keep faith, the Kingdom of God is coming as promised in the bible.

June_Butterfly said...

KAZE!!!so nice of you to leave a comment.and i'm glad you liked the pic i used.^-^take care,sweetie.^-^

June_Butterfly said...

Hi!godamongus!thank you so much for following my blog and commenting on my post.will try to write more.and i am following your blog,too.Good Day!

Wendy Choong Wen Ting said...

oh gosh, i like this too ! ;)

cheers, wendy

Mohua said...

Amazing poem!!!!
Such a beautiful sit...I alwys feel to visit.

June_Butterfly said...

Hi,Mohua!Hope you can visit ,again.Need to post,soon.haha!Truly glad you like my works.

prashant said...

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June_Butterfly said...


Thanks for the info.

Jingle said...

a beautiful capture of night at a city,
well done,
Thanks for linking...
have a smiling Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

love your thoughts

June_Butterfly said... of my oldest creations.Thank you so much for taking time to read it,Jingle!Am gonna start checking ,too.

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,fiveloaf.Can't wait to read yours and the others.Hope to do it ,soon.

Shashi said...

Its great one share.. I enjoyed it immensely... have a great day...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

June_Butterfly said...

Shashi!!Thank you so much.Was really good to know you're in Jingle,too.

Thank you too for following my blog.It's a joy to be acknowledge by someone as good as you!

Jingle said...

Please relax, everyone is doing what she/he prefers to do.

Thanks for the lovely support.
Happy Wednesday.

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks for the encouragement,Jingle.Looking forward to reading the works of others.Wish I have more time.*sigh*

Jingle said...

awards 4 u...

Have a fun Wednesday, take your time.

Anonymous said...

great reflective poem. the imagery of the city was great. nice job!