Thursday, November 19, 2009


I looked at the mirror and saw a stranger!

A pale reflection of the girl I was once!

Was it sadness or fear I saw in her eyes?

Or maybe pain for the hurt she had done?

I close my eyes and search for her within me.

The girl with dreams and never-ending tale.

With strength that amazes and heart that gives.

A smile that reflects the sweetest of innocence.

A tinge of longing filled my sadden heart!

A tear for the girl that once filled my past!

A pain for every memory I thought would last!

A wish for a chance to make a brand new start!

I looked back at the mirror and finally found acceptance.

Accepting the knowledge that I cannot redeem my past.

And though the girl in the mirror is still a stranger in my eyes,

I will take a step and hold her hand.Accepting her with open arms.


Silent Poet Klaus said...

I always do that but I am having a hard time trying to feel the boy that I was, I hope he is still within me because I really need him now so I could see the beauty of life once more.

This piece made wonder tru time.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, now i know I am not the only one.

Keep it up! I linked my related piece to your thoughts.

June_Butterfly said...

Thank you so much for commenting.i truly love the one you linked with mine.

i guess what we were never really leaves's part of what we are right now.i guess we just need to look deeper to find it.

Thank you so much for the encouragement.and i follow your works,too.they are amazing.^-^

prashant said...

This piece made wonder tru time.
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June_Butterfly said...

Thanks.I reall appreciate all the comments you made.

Hope you can come,often.Will try to post lots.^-^