Monday, October 10, 2011

Through The Years!!!

Quietly we sat and watch the day pass on.
I see your lips smile and found one on my own.
Youthful skins and handsome features are gone.
But look how timelessly beautiful we have grown.

You made me laugh,you made me cry.
You made me smile,you made me sigh.
You asked me to give forever a try.
You took my heart and took me sky high.

There were fights won,and fights lost.
But we went through it without a thought.
We have sailed thorugh life and rode the tide.
And now here we are quietly sitting side by side.


Brian Miller said...

to end life side by side, whata beautiful thing that would be...nice...

Reflections said...

How precious to spend all of life side by side, through the difficulties and the joys. Wonderful post.

June_Butterfly said...

Agree with you,Brian.Nice itsn't it.*smiles*

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Reflections!!I'm real glad you liked it.

The Unknowngnome said...

pic and poem sit side by side.
love runs through.

a sweet treat. :)

Anonymous said...

very nice sentiment and the picture is a nice touch

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Wonderful! I really like this one!

June_Butterfly said...

It's amazing isn't it how two people can sit side by side together in their lifetime.LOVE!!

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Swanrose!!appreciate the compliment.Fell in love with the pic the first time I saw it.

Loved your blog.And your writings.

June_Butterfly said...

I'm glad you liked it,Charles.I love your works,too.There are so many good writers ,it's totally amazing!

Danielle Mari said...

Makes me think of that old Simon & Garfunkel tune, Old Friends. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I liked the togetherness of two and how they sit back after the challenges in serenity and feel the strong bond forged over the gift of time.

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...



tinkwelborn said...

interesting...almost an ode to a long monogamous relationship.
it rings of greeting-card lyrics, for which this poem would be perfect.
I read trials & tribulations did not put asunder this relationship.
honorable poem.
thanks for sharing.

Kremo said...

Beautiful piece of writing !

The Gooseberry Garden said...

your words never fail impressing us,

charming style, keep it up.