Friday, October 29, 2010

In the eyes of a child!!!

Why are they scarred,when they should have been hugged?
Why steal their dreams and turn each day into a nightmare?
Why ruin their tomorrows and tie them down in their past?

Those eyes that should reflect joy,now only know pain.
Those eyes that should reflect trust,now only know fear.
Those eyes that should reflect love,now only know shame.

If I was there,would I have known her pleas?
If I had listened,would I have heard her screams?
If I had looked would I have seen her scars?

I would like to believe I could try!
To know ,to hear ,to see!
So I could help put back love in the eyes of this child!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Will Be Here (One Shot Wednesday)

In the silence of the night I'm here to listen.
In the absence of light I'm here to lead your way.
In the presence of pain I'm here to be your shield.
I Will Be Here!!!

When you wake up with nothing,I will be your everything.
When you ran out of hope,I will grant your deepest wishes.
When you get tired of tomorrows,I will give you a lifetime.
I Will Be Here!!!

The world may grow cold,draw comfort in my warmth.
The tears may seem endless,draw comfort in my laughters.
The trials may be hard,draw comfort in my strength.
I Will Be Here!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ride The Winds!!!

Ride the winds.Don't look back!
Let the past give you a great tomorrow.
Let the tears give you more laughters.
Let the pains give you never ending joy!

Ride the winds.Don't give up!
Let the sorrows give you happiness.
Let the anger give you wonderful peace.
Let the hate give you never-ending love!

Ride the winds.Don't ever hesitate!
Let the lies give you truths.
Let the emptiness give you fulfillment.
Let the end give you a new beginning.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Melody Within!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

There is a melody within my being.
Made of notes and keys of who I am.
A sonata of my life's joys and pains.
Growing melodious as I go on my journey!

There is a song within my soul.
Made of lyrics of the person that I am.
A beautiful ballad of my smiles and tears.
Growing soulful as I face my destiny!

There is a symphony within my heart.
Made of sounds of instruments of what I am.
A concerto of my weaknesses and strengths.
Growing harmonious as I prepare for eternity!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I AM!!!(One Shot Wednesday)

Am I greedy...because I want?
Am I naive ...because I believe?
Am I stupid...because I trust?

Am I a fool...because I love?
Am I a dreamer...because I hope?
Am I a romantic...because I desire?

I cry when I hear a sad song.
I scream when rage engulfs me.
I laugh when a joke is told.
I smile when i feel happy.

I guess I am but a woman.
I guess I am but a girl.
I guess I am but a child.
I guess I am but a human!