Saturday, August 13, 2011

Black and White!!!

Though life is full of colored shades.
Sparkling glitters that blinds.
The basic tone that truly shines,
Soulful honest shade of Black and White!

I am not blind of life's amazing sparks.
Rainbow colored hopes that inspire.
I am not immune to life's sweet promises.
Sugar coated words that excite.

But in the end I choose the simplest path.
Simplest words that hits the heart.
Simplest promises that warms the soul.
Simplest world of Black and White!!!


Brian Miller said...

nice...i love black & white picturesas it give you a true feel for the textures...nice write and great to see you!

June_Butterfly said...

Hi,Brian.Great to be back.Honestly I am truly rusty but so glad you liked it!!

The Unknowngnome said...

Hola June!!!

You're not that rusty! Your simplest words have hit this heart.

I too am very happy to see you back.

June_Butterfly said...

Thank you so much,Unknowngnome!!Appreciate your kind words so much.Hopefully can get back on my feet,soon.Am so glad my words were able to hit your heart.Greatest Compliment!

Hope said...

not too rusty at all! a beautiful feel to this piece! welcome back!

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Hope.So glad to be back.Can't wait to start reading all my friends stuffs,again.