Thursday, December 10, 2009


Its face maybe that of an innocent child,

so pure and so rare.

Or that of someone who have aged,

and had so much to bear.

Its face maybe that of a young woman,

on the verge of first love in bloom.

Or that of a handsome hunk of a man,

waiting for his turn to be a groom.

Its face maybe that of true friendship,

so faithful and unconditional in its loyalty.

Or that of two people who shared hardship,

and found true love that's amazing in its rarity.

Faces of love!A wonder that amazes!

A miracle that's hard to surpass!

A joy,A pain.A smile.A thorn.


Shanty said...

Nice poem June!i really love it!you are getting better and better!good job!! =)

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,Shan!And sorry for making you late,haha!No,i still have a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem june chan!
To me seeing people's face/ facial changes is really interesting

It just feels like you can read what they are thinking =)

and i agree with your poem dear!
You are getting better and better!! just like how shanty said!

Keep up the good work!!! ^ ^

June_Butterfly said...

Thanks,sharon.its friends like you who drives me to get better and believe in my craft.And i'm glad i have you as friend.

Will try to be better.And thanks for the support,'re a dear friend.

Multibrand said...

Hello June,
Thank you for following my blog.
I am now following you too.
I like your blog, it's easy to access, nice looking, enjoyable to read and informative. Congrats my friend. Let's keep in touch.

June_Butterfly said...


Thanks for dropping by and following my blog.And I appreciate the compliments.Yes,let's keep in touch.

SK said...

Merry Christmas & しんねん お目出度う ^^

June_Butterfly said...

Merry Christmas,too.And Happy New Year!Thanks for always dropping by here and at BC!おめでとうございます!これからもよろしくお願いします!

Rinka said...

Such A Beautiful Site!!!!!
All the poems here are Absolutely awesome!!!!

June_Butterfly said...

Hi,Rinka!Thank you so much for the compliment.Saw your blog and followed,too.Absolutely lovely blog you have.

Hope you can come and visit again,soon.Good Day!

Silent Poet Klaus said...

You're getting better, this is one of best yet. Like I said before I'll be watching you.

June_Butterfly said...

Hi!!Thank you so much for your encouraging words!I know I still have a long way to go, ut wil try to do better,always!Good day!

prashant said...

Beautiful poem june chan!
To me seeing people's face/ facial changes is really interesting
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June_Butterfly said...


I fell in love with this pic.And it inspired me to create this poem.

I've always thought that people's faces reflects the lives they've lived.